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Links to other drum related resources on the web.

Future Drum 2007

FutureDrum is a symposium for discussing and experiencing all things to do with electronic drumming.

VDrumLib is proud to be a sponsor of FutureDrum 2007 which will be held on September 22nd, 2007, in Akron, Ohio.

Urban Fusion

Urban Fusion is a non-profit community outreach program, in New Bedford, MA, that uses percussion to teach life skills and character building to at-risk youth.  They are working to replace guns and drugs with drum sticks and life skills… and it’s working!

VDrumLib is proud to be a sponsor of Urban Fusion.

VExpressions Ltd.

V Expressions LTD sells professionally modeled drum kit patches for Roland's TD-20, TD-12, TD-10EXP, TD-8 and TD-6 series drum modules.

Expansion packs from VExpressions are the perfect complement to our VDrumLib software.


VDrums.Com is the definitive resource for V-Drums on the Net.  It is simply the largest and most active web forum that is dedicated to V-Drum users and potential V-Drum buyers.


DIY Links
Do-It-Yourself electronic drums have become quite popular in recent years.  The following web sites showcase individual DIY projects.  If you're using a soldering iron on your e-drums, you'll find kindred souls in these links.
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