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Reassigning Instruments To Different Pads For Multiple Kits At The Same Time

A problem commonly encountered when exchanging kits with others is that we all have different pad arrangements.  For example, you might have a china cymbal on your AUX1 input, but your buddy might have an additional tom on his.  So, you often have to rearrange the instruments for each kit to match your own pad configuration.  If you are dealing with multiple kits, this is a tedious and time consuming task using your module's built-in instrument copying function.  To make matters worse, some modules don't even copy all of the instrument parameters, so you still have to manually edit some parameters, such as compression and EQ, for each instrument of each kit.

However, VDrumLib has automated this tedious task with a "Global Pad Reassignment" function.  You can specify your pad assignments once, then push a single button to apply these pad assignments to multiple kits at the same time. Furthermore, ALL instrument parameters are copied, including EQ and compression, so there will be no manual hand edits required.

Step 1: Select the "Reassign Pads" Option

The pad reassign function can be invoked when you copy kits to a new library by selecting the Custom Pad Arrangement option from the drop-down menu located to the right of the Add>> button.  The pad reassignment will be applied to all kits that are copied when you hit the Add>> button.

Step 2: Choose Which Instruments To Assign To Each Of Your Pads

When you hit the Add>> button, the following dialog box will be shown to allow you to choose which instrument to copy for each pad.  The default settings assume a factory stock pad configuration.  To customize the pad assignments, just click on any line that has a triangular "pop-up" icon, then choose the instrument that you want assigned to that pad from the pop-up list of instruments.  The example shown below will copy the Aux1 instrument to the pad that is connected to the trigger input #1, which is normally a kick pad.

To proceed copying with your customized instrument to pad assignments, just press the Rearrange button.  Otherwise, just press the Cancel button to copy the kits with the original pad assignments.

Step 3: See The Results Of The Pad Reassignment

The photo below shows the results of reassigning the Aux1 instrument to the kick pad for each kit.  Please note that ALL instrument parameters are copied to the chosen pad.  This does include the EQ and Compression settings, as well as the MIDI note number.


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